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Sexualchats - keyvan on dating sites

Around 14 million Britons are believed to regularly use social networking sites to communicate with old friends or make new ones.

RELATED: Catholic priest pleads guilty to child porn charges Mark John Haynes, 56,a former priest at Saint Simon and Jude Church in West Chester, Pennsylvania, was arrested after federal investigators tracked child porn to a church computer — which he later destroyed in an attempt to conceal evidence.

It seems that there is no legal problem or breach of the law when consenting adults sext each other, but if a minor is involved it could be big trouble. There are no limits as to what is exchanged by the parties. Notwithstanding the above, the law has imposed some limits such as no children should be involved in sexting and the genitals of children must not be photographed and circulated.

Research shows that millions of people around the world have found this new online world of sexting irresistible. In this regard, the poster boy is the infamous Anthony Weiner.

Anthony Weiner basically knew this day would come: the day his sexual chats with women who were not his wife are released for all in the public to view.

But one of the most damning aspects of the whole episode over the past 24 hours -- in addition to the bombshell admission that he kept engaging in these relationships after his resignation -- is the irresistible shorthand we all now have for Weiner's indiscretions: Carlos Danger.

The cartoon-character-esque pseudonym that Weiner reportedly used really says it all.

It's both ridiculous and terribly embarrassing for Weiner.He got two decades in prison after pleading guilty to child porn, destruction of evidence, and using the Internet to entice a minor to engage in sexual conduct.In 2010, Haynes created accounts for an imaginary15-year-old-girl named Katie on social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and dating sites.The UK’s divorce rate has fallen in recent years, but two in five marriages are still failing according the latest statistics.Mr Keenan believes that the general divorce rate will rocket in 2010 with the recession taking the blame.Haynesused this fake identity to "meet young teenage girls online, engage in sexual chats, and send them child pornography photos and videos in an attempt to entice them to take and send sexually explicit pictures of themselves," prosecutorssaid — possibly communicating with as many as 25 minors.

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