Site not updating changes

10-Oct-2019 01:17 by 5 Comments

Site not updating changes - reality dating show hosts

this is the website: the only changes made have been to the text, so it shouldn't be that hard?i am taking this website over from someone else and am fairly new to dreamweaver.

I've cleared all my caches several times and restarted Apache but to no avail.

The problem is that although I am making changes in graphics and css drupal keeps showing the old stuff.

For example i made some graphics wider, upload em, changed the css and now I can see the css having new values, it keeps showing me the old graphics.

I've subthemed Bartik and on the old web server, this worked just fine.

I've now noticed that changes to my stylesheet are not reflecting on the rendered page on the public site.

After refreshing the page you should see the updated content on your site!

If for any reason you’re still not seeing your updated content, just open a Live Chat (available 24/7) with our Support Team from within your User Portal, and we’re glad to help out further.I am creating a website, i made changes to the stylesheet on my site, but when i refresh the site none of the changes are there.So i use the view source tool to check out the and it isn't updated when i check it either.They’re two ways to purge your cache at WP Engine, just use one of the two methods below: The first and most thorough method of clearing your site’s cache is within your Word Press Admin Dashboard. Utilities and scroll to the section labeled “Cache options” to choose “Clear page cache”. Note that it does not clear out the Object Caching layer, or the CDN cache, if you are utilizing either.While the option to Purge All Caches in your Word Press Admin Dashboard is preferred since it clears all caching layers, sometimes caching issues may prevent you from logging into your site, or it may be that accessing the User Portal is just more convenient at the time.If you wish to disable the cache from caching css files, refer to your server type documentation (it's done differently on apache, IIS, nginx etc.) or ask/search for a question on Assuming IIS - adding the key under with the right settings in the root or the relevant folder does the trick.