Speed dating for dog lovers

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Speed dating for dog lovers - Free sex video cam free

This implies that even if you don’t find strike up a hot date, you can rest easy knowing your money has gone to a great cause.Dating can be pretty tiring, but meeting a fellow dog lover is rather effortless.

With 100 percent of profits going towards the Home, there's no reason to avoid getting to know someone new over a drink and a playful game of fetch.

Dating in the contemporary world can be a fickle thing, filled with its countless swipes and awkward first date encounters.

Here to solve your singledom qualms and get you well and truly offline are speed dating experts Dear Pluto.

) dog owners the chance to find out everything they ever wanted to know about looking after a dog.

Each attendee will have the chance to go on a 10 minute ‘date’ with dog industry experts, charities and celebrity pooches, in order to have all their queries about canines answered.

They’ve got your back on this score, teaming up with the legends at Sydney Dogs and Cats Home and COMMUNE Waterloo to bring you a speed dating social for dog owners and dog lovers.

This Sunday 18th June from 1-4pm, you and your pooch will be treated to the ultimate afternoon of pats, flirtation and fun.Dog lovers socialized in six-minute intervals in hopes of finding a romantic connection at Thursday’s event. They carried Margarita glasses in one hand and leashes in the other.It was the first speed dating event for the training center, and attendants are hooked on the concept.If you’re thinking about getting a dog, it can be hard to know where to start when it comes to picking the right pooch for you.So our friends at Fetch & Follow have come up with a novel way to let dog lovers grill some of the dog industry’s leading experts, rehoming charities, and even a couple of dogs themselves, to find their Hosted by our friends Fetch & Follow at the Ace Hotel in Shoreditch, “Doggie Speed Dating” will give prospective (and current!Dog lover dating gives everyone an incredible chance to get acquainted with like-minded people, tell funny stories about their pets, exchange photos, buy new rare dog breed, communicate and have a good time in a circle of friends.

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