Stop adobe from updating

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as much as my solution is your solution, working in regedit directly is never suggested for users that may not be comfortable being there.Posted By Anish Sangamam on May 13, 2013 In-order to stop adobe reader from updating you need to change the updater options from the menu bar.

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0: Do not download or install updates automatically.

Mine are set to notify me and it doesn’t happen very often and I want to beep it updated especially for security reasons cmptrgy, thanks for replying. "If you decide to change these options in the future, they are available in the Preferences settings, under Updater (choose Edit Preferences, I have no Updater option, so this solution does not exist for me.

First, going to the link that you provided, I read the following: "Version 11 provides four update options:", . In general, I dislike any program that autonomously changes anything on my machine (and yes, that may be a deal breaker for switching to Windows 10).

You can find it here: C:\Program Files\Adobe\Acrobat 8.0\Acrobat Acrobat starts up much faster now too. moonscape, 09 , says: 2 of 3 6/17/2011 PM Disable or stop Adobe Updater tempted to install vista for this problem alone - but anyone know how to accomplish this w/ XP Pro?

I don't know when Adobe Updater first started being there, what it came with, but it is there, and it does its thing with every startup.

First I just went into its own preferences (where after it's done "searching for updates," you can either hit Quit or Preferences) and told it to only do this once a month (the longest amount of time it offers). So then I went into the control panel and into programs, then change startup programs.

From there I found Adobe Updater and clicked "remove." I restarted, it was still there. You can test it by trying to start the update within Adobe Acrobat manually. YOUR FEEDBACK Thanks, that helped Problem is still unsolved.Apparently there's a customization wizard for IT admins to deal with this (I think) but why should I download and install even more stuff from them when my antivirus (or your method) can block their huge automatic updates in a few mouse-clicks? Mark at "Group or user names" "System", press "Edit" and click on all "Deny" checkboxes. Not user-friendly and *unbelievably inconsiderate* of them. Tags: disable stop turn off adobe acrobat update updater. Name Comment 1 of 3 6/17/2011 PM Disable or stop Adobe Updater Annoyed, 10 You can also try blocking this with your antivirus/firewall :) This has twice cost me nearly half of our monthly bandwidth!After Adobe Reader auto-updated itself to version 15.023.20053 I was no longer able to print PDFs.