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It's probably not enough to make up for the loss of watching grown-up dancers perform with other grown-ups, but it's undeniably a boon to the show to inject these familiar faces into the show.At this stage, the competition essentially becomes , with the ten all-stars selecting five kids apiece from within their own styles, and then by the end of next week's episode, they'll have settled on one kid they'll take into the finals.

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Last season's champion had no competition when it came to picking a team of tap-dancers, so she got her pick of the litter.I guess they don't want to examine too closely the fact that maybe they infallible when it comes to identifying talent? Dancer who is best known for his appearance on the FOX reality dance competition TV series So You Think You Can Dance.Now, 26-year-old Roldan is gracing the "SYT" stage yet again as an All-Star on Season 14, premiering Monday, June 12."I'm so excited to be back this year, and to have another season to explore and find new memories, lessons, and emotions through dance," Roldan told .When Robert Roldan burst onto the "So You Think You Can Dance" scene during Season 7, the world fell in love.

(That "Fix You" duet with Allison Holker still gives us chills.) And we fell in love all over again when he appeared as an All-Star last season alongside mini-me JT Church.

In 2016, he appeared in a season 3 episode of the TV series Broad City as a dancer.

He was born and raised in Thousand Oaks, California.

To that end: recaps of all the dancers' "journeys," a few clips of audition heroes like Cody Carlson (of course), Thomas "Mr. ) and Eliazer Chapman, and a ton of highlights and returning contestants for encore performances of some of the season's best routines.

Jaja tops Virgil for top Team Street member, and Gaby bests Hailee on Team Stage -- and if, on the wild off-chance this show returns, let's hope they leave this manufactured nonsense behind -- with Gaby winning 0,000 and the opportunity to dance for Jennifer Lopez (who I guess couldn't be bothered to provide a generic "Congratulations, winner! You may remember Gaby as the dancer who the judges didn't like on her first audition, so she tried again, making her solo "less busy" as they suggested and giving the judges the chance to pat themselves on the back for the rest of the season for selecting Gaby due to her gumption.

Considering these kids were in actual diapers when Joshua was winning his season, it's no accident that they flocked to Fik-Shun's team when given the chance.

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