Tab control validating

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It also loops over all invalid items, so if there are multiple tabs, each with an invalid element, only the last one will get shown.(Once that's been filled in and then the form is re-validated on clicking Submit, the previous tab will get shown.) So consider this some basic improvement, but some more serious thought/work needs doing really to resolve this in a more general way.

In some cases you can achieve both goals with a single technique.

Hey maxilein, I ran into this issue today and after much reading and sole searching I have rolled a patch that might help.

Only works for tabs currently but the idea is to scribe to the invalid event and then show that tab before the HTML5 validation takes place.

Validation text lets you provide a message to help users who input data that is not valid.

When data is entered, Access checks to see whether the input breaks a validation rule – if so, the input is not accepted, and Access displays a message.

Access provides a number of ways to restrict input: You can use these methods of validating data alone or in combination with each other.

Data types are not optional, and provide the most basic type of data validation.

Use the Tab Control when you wish to present a series of related controls that are separated into individual pages which can be selected by a tab. Tab Page]: Example of Tab Pages used to display a set of controls: In the designer, you can drag and drop controls directly in the Tab Page as you would within the form.

This property returns the collection of tab pages in this tab control. This property returns or sets the images to display on the control’s tabs.

Use this event if you wish to respond when the current tab is changed.

For example, you could use this event to trigger data validation or enable or disable certain controls that depend upon the current tab.

Data entry is one of those tasks that I describe as "dangerous" because it's a chore that's both tedious and important.

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