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A sampling: Thou art / the Girl and only Maid / That hath my Tender / Heart Betray’d.

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Perhaps a slightly more graceful and heartfelt tactic was the issuing of exquisitely handcrafted, paper love tokens, complete with original messages of romantic poetry, that lovers of the 18th century particularly favored.

I need to get the rendered HTML output from a given Sitecore item, assuming it has a layout.

I need it to be the latest version of the rendered content whether it's published or not. Create User Token(); var url = new Url String(); url.

To String(); // Call the url here This code was cribbed from a similar situation where I needed a URL to feed to a PDF generation library, which behind the scenes fired up IE and hit the site as an anonymous user.

1-90019004johna1078xtacy2IP address is located within an IP block ranging from to with CIDR and netmask

This needed to be launched from within the the Content Editor, but since the PDF library hit the site anonymously, I needed to silently login the user.

This way we could pass a limited time security token via the query string. Create User Token(); var url = new Url String(); url.

Using a web request approach like Web Client or Html Agility pack will not work because they make the request as an anonymous user which will only render the latest published version (and I need the latest version no matter the state.) Any thoughts?

I have everything working I just cant find a way to impersonate or elevate the rights while I execute the page requests.

Recently, Harvard University’s Houghton Library acquired one such love token dating to the late 1700s, possibly fashioned by a New Englander.

Delivered to his lady of interest in the form of a puzzle purse, it records the unrequited passions of one gentleman who signed off as “E.

To String(); // Add parameters to allow accessing the master DB url["user"] = Sitecore. database as opposed to the public-facing published content.

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