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Right now, I think it’s about trying to find ways to make nutrition less and less expensive.

Since then, he has seen critical acclaim for Gramercy Tavern (with Danny Meyer), his signature venture Craft (2001), and Colicchio & Sons (2010), all in New York.And these people weren't hungry because of famine or drought.They were hungry because we didn't have the political will to end hunger in this country.Once my wife and I started doing research for a film that she directed and produced, a few things became clear right away.One was the scope of the problem; I didn't realize that 49 million Americans were food insecure at the time.EL: What inspired you to co-found the Food Policy Action network?

TC: Working as a chef, I thought I knew about why people were hungry in this country, but it turns out that I didn't know a whole lot.These messages and pictures sent on online dating apps are sure to make you cringe. Something’s a-foot Boston based stand-up comedian Kathleen De Marle revealed that one of her matches had swiped right, and even started a conversation – only to reveal that he “could never date her”.Since then we have taken our unwavering focus on the use of the best, seasonal and sustainably-farmed ingredients and used that as the creative inspiration for the development of other restaurants around the country.In an age when a fast food burger can cost the same as a head of broccoli, tracking down healthy, affordable, environmentally responsible food is no easy feat. The personality who has won America over with his line of wildly successful Craft restaurants, is carrying his passion for healthy eats outside of the kitchen to incite change in our food system.He founded the Food Policy Action (FPA) network alongside EWG President Ken Cook in 2012 to mobilize other industry leaders and hold legislators accountable for votes that directly influence our food.In January 2015, Bravo premiered “Best New Restaurant,” a new series where Tom applied his expertise as the host.