Twitter widget pro not updating

27-Dec-2019 06:22 by 3 Comments

Twitter widget pro not updating

i'm on global beta and there is everything turned off by default.i did not even receive whatsapps properly until i turned it on there.

When Twitter changes their API as they did recently, that will affect the plugin.

Hopefully the Twitter plugin you have been using has a developer that stays on top of such changes and provides an update to the plugin.

With this recent Twitter update however there’s some steps that you as the site owner need to take to make sure the plugin will work.

We are very exited about the Twitter widget that’s added to our Theme framework because of the fact that it moved away from the norm and looked at the issue of adding twitter in an intelligent way.

Usually When Twitter is contacted, it’s done live, meaning that part of the website rendering process needs to have twitter contacted, waiting for a response and displaying that response.

All this is causing a bottleneck that can be avoided.

What makes our twitter widget unique is that it fetches the tweet after the page is fully loaded, and no interference is felt.

You do not have to think long and hard to realize, that somewhere this will cause slowness and unresponsiveness.

One thing that we need to keep in mind, is that up to 20% of times that we see twitter contacted it returns an error either because of the huge traffic stream that it is managing, personal api limits that’s being enforced by twitter, and various network errors.

Since twitter has slowed down, a lot of people (especially on slower servers) have been getting the “Could not connect to Twitter” message when twitter was slow but …

Continue reading I just uploaded version 1.2.2 of my Word Press Google Analytics plugin.

It’s now been replaced with the Twitter Publish page. Step 2 – Switch to the ‘Widgets’ tab located on the left side.

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