Umbraco user control not updating

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You don’t want to make the mistake of creating many different templates for different content. This post describes how to create a custom component in Umbraco 7 and allow the users themselves to put it on a page of their own choosing.

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Contour currently supports SQL server (from version 2005), SQL CE and My SQL.

To do this, in Umbraco, click on Macros, find the macro just created and click on the name to the left of the Ellipsis (…). I tend to do this quite a bit in order to keep the code separate and to have a small partial view macro file that is just used to make other views available in the Umbraco rich text editor.

Your aim is to tick the Editor settings “Use in rich text editor and the grid” and optionally “Render in rich text editor and the grid” as shown below: Thats it! I have been working as a software developer since 1983.

So you’ve decided you definitely want a new website, or a total rebuild of your old one.

Even if it’s only been a couple of years since your last major revamp – and we know for some of you it might be a bit longer – things have changed a lot.

After deciding that the operation causing the trouble couldn't be refactored to improve performance (due to business rules) and refactoring the ones that could be optimized, I came up with three caching strategies to overcome the server spikes: 1.

The Built-in Umbraco Cached Partial() Umbraco has a built-in partial cacher which can easily cache a partial by page, by member and expire after a given amount of time.

This is usually just fantastic for use on most sites and visitors will be blissful.

However a lot of sites I build have fairly complex data models which have to be constructed from the bits and pieces of data cached into the Umbraco.config file.

Developers, marketers and end users look for different things when planning a new site, but the end result is always to deliver a site that does what you, the client, want and is easy to update, well designed, adaptable and offers a fantastic user experience. Right now, the best content management system to achieve the goals of you and your employer by giving developers the freedom and flexibility to work efficiently to produce your site is Umbraco.

There are plenty of proprietary content management systems (CMS) where you pay for expensive licenses to access their services.

Browse the page untill you see the Package files, there look for the file Umbraco Contour_X. If you have purchased Umbraco Contour, you can download a license file on