Updating a meade 497 controller connection

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Updating a meade 497 controller connection - Free live adult web chats

No way to connect to the 497 handbox to perform the restore because ASU can not find the COM port. I think there should have been a warning or something.......................

Star GPS-NX requires a Nex Star (firmware version 2.3, 104.0 or 4.0 as displayed using the hand control “Utilities: Version” menu item), a Nex Star or a Star Sense hand control with RS232 port (will not work with newer handsets that have a USB port).

Please check Southern Stars’ web site for the latest Sky Fi user guide, firmware updates, and troubleshooting tips.

This quick start guide is only an introduction, and more recent information may be available on Southern Stars’ web site, instructions assume that you are familiar with your own telescope equipment, and with basic home-networking concepts like SSIDs, WEP security, and IP addresses.

ROM" file to the Ephemerides directory in Meade/Autostar Suite/Updater folder *Connect 497 via serial to USB cable to laptop and start 497 in safe mode (Enter and scroll down together whilst flipping on the switch on the telescope) "Flash Load Ready" *Click "connect" button in the ASU window *Click "No" to the error messages about com port, and message bar at the bottom will read "Connection Completed" (go figure!

) *Click "Upgrade Autostar...." and answer "No" to the com port and PEC pop-ups *Select Autostar 497 pull-down in the next pop-up, then OK *OK to message about the "handbox not being upgraded".

The 506 connector cable set can then be used to update the controller, or connect to a computer if desired. From the replies above it sounds like the Goto function is only available with the #497 for ETX models ?? 2) The 494 Autostar *can* be updated with the 506 cable set. 3) The only scope that absolutely requires the 497 Autostar is the LXD55/75. If you don't do custom objects and tours and all that, it's no different than a 497. New or used, a 495/7 will cost near 0 *if* you can find one in good shape.

All others are supposed to be interchangeable with 494s, 495s, and 497s. -drl OK, found out from Meade - regardless of firmware, the 494 will *not* operate anything other than DS and ETX 60/70/80 scopes.

Went on the Meade site and it has an image of a controller hooked up to the ETX with another cable going to the computer.

Errors lead to bricking which can only be repaired with great effort.

You can power Sky Fi from four AA batteries, or from an external DC power source. To power Sky Fi internally, insert four AA batteries into the battery compartment. Battery life should be 8 to 10 hours for alkaline batteries under normal operating conditions. If you have an external power adapter, plug it into Sky Fi’s DC input jack.

The input DC power requirements are 6 - 12 Volts, 0.5 - 1.5 Amps. Move the power switch right to the BAT position to use battery power, or left to the EXT position to use external power. The status LED should light up red at first, then turn green after a few seconds.

The best introduction to Sky Fi is the following video, which shows how to use Sky Fi to connect with and control a Meade ETX telescope - one of the most common models available: Click the link below to download a PDF copy of the Sky Fi Quick Start Guide.

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