Updating an unlocked iphone

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Updating an unlocked iphone - liquidating distribution from partnership

Photos now displays your holiday snaps on an interactive map, automatically edits montages of your photos, and brings facial recognition to the i Phone and i Pad.

As Apple describes it on its support site, "Carrier settings updates are small files that can include updates from Apple and your carrier to carrier-related settings, such as network, calling, cellular data, messaging, personal hotspot, and voicemail settings." In other words, they handle anything related to how your device connects and communicates to your carrier’s network and any related services.

That’s the first thought you might have when a notification appears on your i Phone or i Pad prompting you to download a "Carrier Settings Update." If you’re like me, you’ll shrug and tap the Update button (YOLO! But others might be a little more wary, and want to know what the update is for and whether it’s safe to download before taking any action.

Unfortunately, getting answers to these questions is much harder than it should be.

The updates are largely used to add new features or enhance the performance.

This can include adding support for upgrades made to a carrier’s network or the rollout of new functionality like voice-over-LTE, which promises to deliver better-sounding voice calls. For example, a carrier update was issued after a bug was found on the Verizon i Phone 5s that was causing the phone to use cellular data while connected to a Wi-Fi network.

i Phone and i Pad owners will be able to replace words with relevant emoji with a single tap, and send handwritten notes, while special "invisible ink" messages will only reveal themselves when the screen is swiped.

Fullscreen animations can be dropped into a conversations, too.Apple's new i OS 10 update bundles a swathe of new features for i Phone, i Pad and i Pod Touch owners.The headline feature in i OS 10 revolves around the built-in Messages app, which has seen its interactivity expanded.Most people with a jailbroken i Phone will end up with a "factory-fresh" i Phone after the 1.1.1 firmware update.Your mileage may vary, and isolated incidents of bricking have occurred, but most people are just going to have a 3rd party-free, AT&T-only i Phone in their pocket when the day is through, and bricking seems to be just as common for a virgin i Phones as for jailbroken ones.Thankfully, there’s a way around activation issues and this post will show you why activation issues occur and the tips to get around them.

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