Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard

03-Dec-2019 13:43 by 3 Comments

Updating bios 790 ultra motherboard

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However, I found that 4GB of RAM did not cut it on Win10.I made a Backup of my 1.4 and flashed 4.4, but it started at around 8% proceeded in big steps. Only recovery menue was available and the reflashing there failed. I removed my RAM's except the first one, grahic-card, harddrive, all other usb devices.After flashing only the recovery menu was available (no MOBO surface only a black screen that told me to plug in an USB Stick with the lates BIOS-Version) It found my USB Stick but was searching for 4.4. So I renamed the 4.4 I renamed to 1.6 for the first flash, back to xxx.440. So I used the onboard VGA (not the DVI it doesn't work) and the everything went fine.Back in the recovery menue of the mobo, the USB Stick was detected and found the xxxx.440 BIOS-Version. Recovery menue started, BIOS-Version xxxx.440 gets loaded and the computer restarted successfully (it only took around 30sec).I pressed F2 to enter setup und loaded the optimized settings and started windows.Google led me to try disabling Windows driver installation, then removing all nvidia drivers, then deleting everything under Nvidia corporation in both program files directories (removing drivers alone did not work) then reinstalling the nvidia drivers.

Apparently no SLI is a known issue with Windows 10 and nvidia SLI, especially older hardware.My mobo has BIOS 1.4; it looks like there was a 1.5 version, a 1.6, and then they jumped to 4.0 (I wonder why? The process downloads the update and runs an installer program to do the update; however when it's supposed to actually do the update, a DOS command window just flashes up for about a 1/2 second and disappears with no text visible. When I downloaded the BIOS update package, the instructions have a warning to use Live Update when updating from 1to 4I booted Free DOS from Ultimate Boot CD and tried it anyway, but the updater just hangs the system with no output (I left it there for 20 minutes just to be sure it wasn't doing a slow silent update). (I am used to Windows-based flashers with my older mobo's which also allow you to save the old BIOS to a backup first, and were very simple to use). PPS: I tried the M-Flash menu in BIOS; it let me backup the current BIOS to a flash drive, saving it as M7576AMS.140.Anyone have any suggestions as i am having some serious problems with it.The bios is still configured that it has a floppy drive connected to it, the error code 40 will only go away if you change the setting to no floppy connected.When i turn it on the fans just run constantly and nothing appears on the screen and the motherboard says 80 or it goes to the black and white bios screen and shows a error code of...

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