Updating c905

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Updating c905

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odd : S if anyone knows anything about this, please let me know ! My reckoning now is that maybe I have a faulty handset. If you activate navigation or google map...satellite connection just seem way slower.Sony wouldn't put anything that crap on any of their handsets. When I do get the phone to connect to GPS the accuracy is very poor and often puts me streets away. I had the same problem with my c702 on early firmwares, it would take forever to connect & sometimes the phone would reboot when using gps, all gps problems were solved by updating the firmware it appears the c905 has these firmware bugs aswell. I don't expect it to be Tomtom standards but my friends iphones at least put them in the right street! Most of the time, I will make sure I am outdoor..like using GPS, ...I am in the car, place the phone in front of the wind screen for a while WITH the Status Info activated. See the guys over at this forum are experiencing the same problem. showtopic=9958 I will give it a few more days and then call the carphonewarehouse. It just keeps searching, with no access points being found.This is very annoying as i use the wi-fi on the phone alot. When i first updated the phone, i could connect via wifi.

But after one use, I cannot find any networks in the vicinity, despite being infront of the wireless router.

The C905 is the first Sony Ericsson phone to break the 8 megapixel camera barrier, and launches in the UK in the second half of October.

The C905 is a slide design phone, unlike the classic-shaped Sony Ericsson C902, and is quite a bit thicker and heavier than the 5 megapixel C902.

Important to note here I do not live in a built up area.

I have tried everything to get this working and always get the same results.

Weighing 136g, it's on the heavyweight side, and with a profile that goes from 18mm to 19.5mm where the camera bulges, it's certainly no slimline model like the 5-megapixel C902.

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