Updating email address

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Note: If you don't see the Change email option, it's likely that you never verified your email address.If this is the case, click Verify email to change the email address on your Dropbox account.

As the proxy addresses are changed on premises the directory synchronization process will replication the changes into Office 365.

If you contact us for help, we will require an email from the address registered with the account as this proves account ownership. We require each user account to also use a unique email address.

This means that accounts may not share the same email address.

Try to add [email protected] [email protected] your email address book, or follow your email provider's instructions to whitelist us. · If you've received a message from us that states that we have had problems delivering messages to you, please make sure that you have tried the suggestions above.

If you are still experiencing problems, contact us to reset your email.

In Office 365 there may be a need to perform a bulk update to email addresses across accounts.

The accepted domain may need updating as new domains are added or the email address prefix may be changing.

Once you’ve entered a new email address and clicked “Save Account Settings,” you’ll receive an email at the new address with a confirmation link.

You must click the confirmation link to confirm the change and update the email on your account.

If you've connected a personal and work Dropbox, you can still change the email address associated with your personal Dropbox.

Note: If your account was created through Facebook, the email address registered on your account can only be changed through your Facebook settings.

Once you change your email address, you will use it to log in to Dropbox and all Dropbox-related emails will be sent to the new address.