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Updating olap dimensions - demo datingsoftware biz

A dimension table has a primary key column that uniquely identifies each dimension record (row).

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He has been a SQL Server MVP since 2010 and was previously a . Kevin is a frequent speaker at User Group and other community events (SQL Saturday, Share Point Saturday, Code Camp) in the Mid-Atlantic region, and speaks occasionally at conferences.

When creating a dimension table in a data warehouse, a system-generated key is used to uniquely identify a row in the dimension. The surrogate key is used as the primary key in the dimension table.

The surrogate key is placed in the fact table and a foreign key is defined between the two tables.

In 2012 Kevin worked with Microsoft Tech Net Radio on a 13 week webcast series on new features in SQL Server 2012.

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By contrast, the drill-down is a technique that allows users to navigate through the details.

For instance, users can view the sales by individual products that make up a region's sales.

…and the CUSTOMER table contains 5,000, that the command will be executed 5,000 times, once for each row, because it deletes them one-by-one?

Also, if you use the DELETE command, your IDENTITY key does not automatically RESEED itself.

You would also need to explicitly reseed the identity field…An alternative to the delete command is the TRUNCATE command.

The nice thing about the truncate command is that it is executed only once, so it is much more efficient and it also automatically reseeds your identity key. Well, the truncate command deallocates data pages which internally store the data in SQL Server.

Kevin has worked in many lines of business, including insurance, manufacturing, health care, consumer packaged goods, accounting and finance, advertising, and many others.

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