Updating records retention schedules

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By using a Retention Schedule Records Management can ensure that all records are retained and disposed according to a plan that is agreed to by your office, Records Management, and other authorities on campus who have a stake in how long records are kept.

These schedules are not to be abridged or altered except to add specific guidance regarding the retention and disposition of unique, campus-specific records/information.IT operations are sometimes unexpectedly affected by major audit regulations – is your IT team prepared?Spreadsheets of the Records Retention Schedules are no longer utilized at NDSU and are not posted on the NDSU Records Management website.Information about the Records Management Program will also be posted to this site.Editing an existing retention schedule or creating a new series-specific retention schedule can be accomplished with the assistance of a records analyst employed at the State Archives.Each series or schedule will be periodically reviewed and updates will be posted to this website.

The committee contains representatives from the following departments (in most cases it is the department director who sits on the committee): In most cases approval is quickly granted and the retention schedule approved.E.1 Occasionally, the creation of new record types, changes in the nature of records, or changes in NASA business requirements for retention of sets of records necessitate creation of a new retention schedule item, or revision of an existing one.E.2 When situations like this arise, owners or custodians of the records in question should coordinate with their Center Records Manager to propose new/revised schedules as quickly as possible and as often as necessary in order to ensure all NASA records are scheduled.The Archives and Records Management Unit of the Tribunal continues to work with Archives and Records Management Section to produce a comprehensive records retention policy for the substantive records of all three organs of the Tribunal.The Mission accepted the recommendation of OIOS and advised that archive focal points had been established and instructions on procedures to identify and assign retention periods to records had been issued.Any new schedule and any and all changes (including corrections) will be submitted to the State Records Committee (SRC) for approval.

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