Updating sql 2016 name

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Because the metadata and binary data is compatible between the two versions, you will retain the data after you upgrade and you do not have to manually migrate the data.To upgrade an existing instance, run Setup and specify the name of the existing instance as the name of the new instance.

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Before upgrading to SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services, review the following: You can upgrade an existing instance of Analysis Services to SQL Server 2017 Analysis Services and, as part of the upgrade process, automatically migrate existing databases from the old instance to the new instance.

You can upgrade each instance in-place, independently of other instances running on the same hardware.

However, most administrators choose to install a new instance of the new version for application testing before transferring production workloads onto the new server.

The name of the database can include any characters that follow the rules for identifiers.

THIS TOPIC APPLIES TO: SQL Server (starting with 2016)Azure SQL Database Azure SQL Data Warehouse Parallel Data Warehouse This topic describes the deprecated SQL Server Database Engine features that are still available in SQL Server 2016. For more information, see Catalog Views (Transact-SQL).sysaltfiles syscacheobjects syscolumns syscomments sysconfigures sysconstraints syscurconfigs sysdatabases sysdepends sysdevices sysfilegroups sysfiles sysforeignkeys sysfulltextcatalogs sysindexes sysindexkeys syslockinfo syslogins sysmembers sysmessages sysobjects sysoledbusers sysopentapes sysperfinfo syspermissions sysprocesses sysprotects sysreferences sysremotelogins sysservers systypes sysusers Vardecimal storage format is deprecated.

UPDATE() is used anywhere inside the body of a Transact-SQL INSERT or UPDATE trigger to test whether the trigger should execute certain actions.

Transact-SQL Syntax Conventions Is the name of the column to test for either an INSERT or UPDATE action.

However, computed columns cannot be used in this context.

Boolean UPDATE() returns TRUE regardless of whether an INSERT or UPDATE attempt is successful.

Renaming a column will not automatically rename references to that column.

You must modify any objects that reference the renamed column manually.

This behavior differs from SQL Server 2005, which installs a default instance unless a named instance is selected.

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