Updating sql proceedure

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Executing an Oracle Stored Procedure is a common task using a data access technology like ADO.NET and is not so common to execute Oracle procs from SQL Server Procedures but in some cases is needed.

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Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.Also I want to mention that this sample only works with simple output parameters, if you are trying to query for resultsets I recommend to try the OPENQUERY statement insteed.package provides an interface for using dynamic SQL to execute data manipulation language (DML) and data definition language (DDL) statements, execute PL/SQL anonymous blocks, and call PL/SQL stored procedures and functions. VARIABLE_VALUE(c, 'bnd3', r);-- get value of outbind variable DBMS_SQL. NUMBER_TABLE) is c NUMBER; n NUMBER; BEGIN c := DBMS_SQL. PARSE(c, 'insert into tab VALUES (:bnd1, :bnd2) '

Also, there are some tasks that can only be performed using To process a SQL statement, you must have an open cursor. CLOSE_CURSOR(c); -- loop through the names and sals collections FOR i IN names. When binding a value to a bind variable or bind array, the string identifying it in the statement must contain a leading colon, as shown in the following example: BINARY_DOUBLE BINARY_FLOAT BLOB CLOB CHARACTER SET ANY_CS DATE INTERVAL DAY TO SECOND(9,9) (DSINTERVAL_UNCONSTRAINED) NUMBER TIME(9) (TIME_UNCONSTRAINED) TIMESTAMP(9) (TIMESTAMP_UNCONSTRAINED) VARCHAR2 CHARACTER SET ANY_CS INTERVAL YEAR TO MONTH(9) (YMINTERVAL_UNCONSTRAINED) VARRAY Nested table parameter for bulk operations.This ensures that the stored procedure always exists, and (because SQL is transactional) it is possible to have one caller finishing a call to the old version of the stored procedure while the new version is added and called.I’ve used this trick successfully for the development of Guild Wars using SQL Server 2000, and later SQL Server 2005, and have not encountered any problems using this technique, even on servers running sustained load of 3000 transactions per second.Unfortunately, this doesn’t work if you’re trying to run a high-availability service.Here’s the (broken) drop create pattern: -- Delete the stored procedure if it already exists if exists ( select * from sys.objects where name = N'p_My Proc' and type = N'P' ) begin drop procedure p_My Proc end go -- Now create it again create procedure p_My Proc as begin print 'go forth and do great things' end go -- And set permissions grant execute on p_My Proc to Some Role go There’s nothing wrong with this code.For more about stored procedure refer the article Stored Procedure Plan Recompilation and Performance Tuning.

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