Updating stairs

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Updating stairs

Hence, adding some aesthetic value to your staircase can ensure that you set the tone of your home as well as turn it into a beautiful focal point.

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The easiest and most effective way to add organization and decoration to an entryway is with an appropriately sized console table.

who might also be mating, but is definitely suffering in some way. It’s a simple, inexpensive change with a big ol’ honkin’ impact: my favorite kind of update! If you’re trying to save the white wooden balusters to reuse them, go this route: Holding one hand at the top of the baluster and the other hand at the bottom, slooooooowly twist the baluster until it loosens the nail holding it in, then lift it up and out of the railing.

But I’m convinced that there’s a magical phenomenon that happens on road trips – maybe the “acoustics” of the vehicle and the blaring volume of the music – that morphs my voice into something like Adele’s temporarily. You MIGHT be able to save a few of them, but be prepared for many of them to break.

Paint your stairs in a fun color to make it more glamorous and to add some color to your home. Use a modern metal style or wrought iron if your stairs no longer match your home decor.

This will also work if the handrail looks outdated.

Since most console tables are 18 inches deep, it's important to stick with 12-inch baskets to allow enough clearance to accommodate any items which may lean or spill over the side of the basket.

To shift the focus from the contractor-grade entryway's low-end railing and onto its new, patterned sisal-covered stairs, the banister was painted nearly the same shade of gray as the walls, resulting in a disappearing effect.The next step was to actually get down to papering!!We started with the stairs looking like this: No lino, new trim on the edges. Had there been holes in the treads (like if we'd pulled up carpet) we'd have filled those in with wood filler and sanded- but the lino left us with a pretty pristine surface. The basic method I followed was one I found via Pinterest on Lovely Crafty Home- the Ultimate Brown Paper Flooring Guide.How To Update and Enhance Your Interior Stairs Stairs can be updated to transform an ordinary entrance into an elegant looking one.Though many homeowners pay little attention to stairs, they dominate the interior design of a home.Four ways to update interior staircases include painting, working on the risers, painting the walls and changing the handrails. It will create the illusion of a runner going up the stairs.

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