Updating vfp runtimes with sp2

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Updating vfp runtimes with sp2 - nye dating sider

The projects presented here were donated to VFPX by contributors, developed by VFPX members, or included as part of Microsoft's efforts to share the source of certain VFP product components with the VFP Community.All of the projects here are governed by the Shared Source License for VFPX unless otherwise stated or noted in a project's source code/documentation.

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Jaro and Jaro-Winkler are suited for comparing smaller strings like words and names. I've used the Jaro-Winkler to match names, and also inventory SKUs, with excellent results both in speed and accuracy.

Anyone can join-in, help and propose new VFPX projects for possible inclusion in the effort.

VFPX members are fans of Fox Pro and they give generously of their time, resources, and ideas to make VFPX possible.

The manuals and Whats New documentation is included in the websetup and the standalone setup.

Registered customers should use the integrated update function in the VFX menu to receive the next higher version number including source code.

VFX17Setup is a Websetup, please execute it directly!

Download will not work as additional files will be downloaded during the installation process.

Manually installing MSXML on Win 2k/XP/Server is a problem because you can't overwrite MSXML in the SYSTEM directory without a reboot and copying the file to a special occasion.

Hopefully whatever install mechanism you use can deal with this.

DLL in the application directory, Visual Foxpro runtime could not find it.

When I re-configured the installer to place the file in the Windows \ System 32 directory, Visual Foxpro found it ok. How did you configure Express as to where to put the msvcr71.dll?

A debt of gratitude is owed to everyone that has participated or otherwise contributed to VFPX. Below is a list of projects that have been accepted as part of the VFPX initiative.