Validating multiple

03-Oct-2019 21:24 by 9 Comments

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For instance, a Birthday field might be a combination of Date, Month and Year one. The following form requires all of Date, Month and Year fields.

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to select multiple repository items and move them to a recording at the same time, applying the same action to all.

For example, validating that all items in a dropdown list exist.

Thank you Hi, Nope, there is currently no way to drag&drop multiple repo items to recording and set them an action.

As illustrated above I usually check the inverse of the if statement and throw an error or exception.

A validator can validate more than one field at a time.

Anyway, I think it would be better idea to validate the content of List/Combo box via code.

Validating list items via recording could work only with simple combo/list boxes with only few items.But with the right utility classes or frameworks you could really use it with any language.It just might not save you as much time as it does in PHP.You can implement the Name Validator class, as the following example shows: In this example, because you are using a single validator to validate three subfields of the Object passed to the validator, you include the optional second argument to the constructor for the Validation Result class to specify the subfield that caused the validation error.This inclusion permits Flex to identify the input component that caused the error, and to highlight that component in the application.I think we're on the right track here however is it possible to get further details on which rules failed?