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Nor does Paul say that in order to be saved you must confess that Jesus died for your sins.

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Its restaurants and shops infused with a rule-breaking, hip history., the word Paul uses there for confess is homologeo.It means “a public declaration of fealty.” In other words, what Paul says will save you for God is the equal and opposite expression of what Rome said would save you from its wrath by confessing “Caesar is Lord.” Notice: Paul doesn’t say “If you confess that Jesus is the fulfillment of the promise to David (or Abraham), then you will be saved.” Paul doesn’t write that if you confess that Jesus is God incarnate then you will be saved.As of pm, my email was empty and no financial transactions occurred. A 5.00 debit card transaction to NEW YORK ROAD RUNNER on 05/29/2013 PM EDT exceeded your 5.00 set Alert limit.(I get alerts on anything over 5 to make me feel guilty about spending money).Posted by Tantumblogo in Basics, different religion, disaster, Ecumenism, General Catholic, horror, paganism, pr stunts, priests, scandals, secularism, self-serving, sickness, Society, the struggle for the Church, unadulterated evil.

trackback A former parish in Venice, dating from the mid-17th century, has been converted into a mosque.The ING New York City Marathon is a very prestigious event. One night, after a few too many glasses of wine, I entered said lottery.One that only allows a certain amount of runners to enter on time (I will never be that runner) while offering a lottery to other participants in 3 categories - 1) NY residents 2) US residents 3) International residents. From the moment I entered, I had a crazy feeling that I would get in.“It’s definitely Venice – you won’t get this in a lot of places,” owner Oscar Hermosillo says about his eatery, which has a California-Latin spin with a menu that includes grilled salmon tacos, chilaquiles and chorizo burgers. – they’re only sold in four local markets – so it’s a great opportunity to grab some Venice Blend for coffee drinkers back home. In the early 1900s, Venice had 13 canals and gondoliers – an ode to its Italian namesake – but seven of those canals eventually were filled with cement as cars and trains grew in popularity, according to public television station KCET. Perhaps you can convince a friendly canoeist to be your gondolier for the day.1-3 p.m.: Now that you’re carbed up and ready to go, rent some bikes on the boardwalk and see what Venice’s eclectic reputation is all about. Fun fact: When you’re walking on Pacific and Electric avenues, you’re actually traveling on two paved-over canals, turned into streets for the Pacific Electric railroad.Via JP Sonnen, he adds that they are busy making converts.

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