Warrior intimidating shout macro

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Warrior intimidating shout macro - Sexaunties

First you have to notice a mob going for a teammate, click that mob, then click the target of the mob (your teammate), then cast the spell. Jenavi at post 26 says "This does not work very well.

That way you can spam the spell without accidentally overwriting your fellow druids casting it. /run c=Cast Spell By Name function b(k)for i=1,16 do if strfind(tostring(Unit Debuff("target",i)),k)then return 1 end end end if not b("e_Faerie F")then c("Faerie Fire(Rank 4)")elseif not b("e_Insect Sw")then c("Insect Swarm(Rank 1)")end Allows you to check if Innervate is already active on your target.

Same for friendly target with Defensive stance and intervene.

(also it only takes 2 clicksin above situations) To get back into Battle Stance just have no modifier held down and will change you back.

Some of the these macros are not for everyone and not always applicable in raids!

You have been warned 🙂 The spell Enrage causes you to take more damage but is really nice when tanking if you’ve specced into it in talents.

/castsequence [nomod, stance:2/3, harm] Battle Stance; [nomod] Charge; [mod:shift, stance:1/2, harm] Berserker Stance; [mod:shift,stance:3, harm] Intercept; [mod:shift, stance:1/3, noharm] Defensive Stance; [mod:shift, stance:2, noharm] Intervene This macro Charges with no modifier and will Intercept while targeting an enemy or Intervene targeting friendly target.

If you have Shift pressed, then it does this: Friendly target: Casts Defensive stance, Intervene Enemy Target: Casts Berserkerstance, Intercept Also, if you are already in either Berserker stance when you target an enemy and press shift, it will skip trying to put you into Berserker stance and just intercept.This macro will cast Sunder Armor on a mouseover target without losing your current target.It's usefull for placing Sunder Armor on crowd-controlled mob as Sunder Armor causes zero damage and the target is not being auto-attacked.This can be done quickly in one macro where you press it once to cast, and second to cancel the buff.The spell Barkskin reduces damage taken but increases casting speed. Go ahead and register a new account or login to a current one already made.

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