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this Friday, Reggie tries to mend his broken heart as a contestant on Scott’s new dating show.That got us thinking about dating shows of the past, especially the super weird ones. This ABC one-off took the discount sushi model and applied it to dating, with prospective bachelors brought on set by a conveyor belt.

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Meanwhile Nick and Schmidt engage in class warfare when the toilet breaks and they each have their own idea of how to get it fixed.The Royal Copenhagen trademarks shown below were used on porcelain and fine china with blue under glazed decorations. Royal Copenhagen Christmas plates, figurines and some porcelain sets.From 1775 the wavy lines were painted by hand, but in the 1870's Royal Copenhagen began to stamp and glaze the trademark.Watch the next episode, then listen to Wave 105 – it’s virtually identical!The travel news jingle and voiceover are identical to ours as John and Kayleigh arrive at work at 9am, just in time to guess the year on The Golden Hour, broadcast at the exact same time as ours!The trademark with the three waves has had changes through the years.

This makes it possible to tell the age of each piece of porcelain by Royal Copenhagen.Israeli police said on Friday they had arrested 12 people on suspicion of arson.Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said a dozen people had been detained either while attempting to set fires or fleeing the area, but he provided no further details.May 1775 it was decided that the trademark/brand/factory stamp should consist of three wavy lines (waves), symbolizing the three waterways through Denmark; the Sound and the two belts (the Sound (Oresund)), the Great Belt and the Little Belt).The trademark has been used with little variations ever since the founding and every single piece of porcelain produced by Royal Copenhagen has been stamped with the three waves.Israel has accepted an offer of help from the Palestinian authorities to tackle the wildfires that have engulfed large areas of central and northern parts of the country.

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