White pearl cam

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White pearl cam - dating food items

We send our specialists all over the world to hand pick the finest the pearl farms have to offer.

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You may need to look very closely, as high quality strands will be well matched. As a result, pearls of a very large size can be extremely valuable.

Normal gold and silver cleaners are acidic and can damage your pearls.

Use a pearl-friendly cleaner like our Pearl Juice to avoid damaging your pearls. The nacre that makes up the layers of a real pearl is very dense, so it will weigh quite a bit more than plastic or resin, two common materials used in many fake pearls. Some materials such as glass and composite, or ‘shell’ pearls (pearls made from crushed and reconstituted shell) may fool this test.

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It is best to start with a clean strand when determining if your pearls are the real deal. Imagine you are holding a strand of little pebbles. If your pearls are heavy, but you still suspect they may be false, chipped or cracking paint is a sure sign that your pearls are fakes.

To find it, look carefully between two pearls at a drill hole.

You can choose from 2 hard plastic surfacts or 2 felt surfaces and either pinpoint or line contact with the head.

With over 20 years in the jewelry business, you can trust that we know everything there is to know about pearls.

If you notice any paint is missing, or if the material from inside the pearl formed a ‘burr’ when the pearl was drilled, your pearls are probably fake.