Who is aaron ashmore dating

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It was a tough day for Shawn as his wife went into a labour and it was about time as well.

(For spoiler-phobes and/or those who haven't watched the entire series yet: The video isn't hugely spoiler-y, but the absence of certain characters may be a spoiler itself.She said, ‘I will do that with you.’ John is taking care of himself and his needs but a little bit to the detriment of his team and himself.He’s putting himself on the line without his team to back him up.” “This season, there’s an A storyline and B storyline and we didn’t really do that in the first season.The X-Men star, Shawn Ashmore, welcomed his first son with his wife of 4-years.The actor revealed the big news on his Instagram account.MARS INVESTIGATIONS, CASE 1x02: "Credit Where Credit's Due" Someone's been using credit cards under the Echolls name, and the prime suspect is their housekeeper aka Weevil's grandma. And Grandma's lawyer Cliff thinks Weevil did it. Veronica's on Mars Investigations duty to investigate Weevil, but he's already 'fessed up to the fraud. Attendance records show that Weevil was in autoshop when most of the online purchases were made. You can't fool me with your misdirection, show! Except for the part where Grandma, upon discovering chardo was wining and dining Caitlin, fills the Sheriff's department in on the real deal. ) It's looking to be a real Johnny-vs.-the-Socs sitch, except for the part where Johnny is awesome and Chardo is not, when Weevil and the PCHers intervene. Turns out, Weevil didn't take too kindly to going to juvie for his skeevy cousin rather than his sweet grandma.

Veronica's focus shifts onto Echolls family scion Logan, which leads her to a room service charge at the Neptune Grand hotel signed by none other than Logan's girlfriend, Caitlin. Or the fact that the episode is nowhere near finished yet! ) Veronica goes through the phone numbers -- one of them being answered by Caitlin's mom, so it's got to be Logan, right? Weevil's released, and now there's a warrant for Chardo's arrest. Weevil and Logan chat, and the '09ers leave without incident or reason for us to take a drink. (Well, not sweet, since she knowingly let him go to juvie so that Chardo could stay out of prison.) As for Caitlin, she becomes even more ostracized than Veronica.Fans were quick to congratulate the new parents as a massive surge of his followers commented on the adorable snaps.Let's find out the name of the infant and see all the details leading up to the birth.Johnny and Pawter are the B storyline with Old Town and the wall, while Dutch and D’av are driving the A storyline with Khlyen, the 6s and the green goo.There’s been a fracturing of the story, where we’re taking two different paths.” “All this stuff comes to a head. It will become obvious in the next couple of episodes what’s happening.Jimmy was killed off in the Season 8 finale, Doomsday, and Aaron left the show as a series regular.

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