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Fannie Flagg hit the spotlight after appearing as a semi-regular panelist on the 1973-82 versions of the “Match Game” and for her novel “Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe.” Also, she was nominated for an Academy Award for the screenplay adaptation.Everyone might be familiar that Flagg is too secretive regarding her personal life.

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When she visits Hampton's main public library (4207 Victoria Blvd.) on Thursday evening, she will be working ad-lib."I have no clue what I'll be talking about," she said by phone from her home outside of Charlottesville last week.When I tell Rita Mae about Out Smart columnist Dale Carpenter's article in which he stated that it was discriminatory to exclude men from The Texas Lesbian Conference, she says that she sees his point very clearly."But what he isn't factoring in--and it's very difficult to factor this in--is that while he suffers or endures a certain kind of oppression because he's gay, he still has the privileges of being a man," she says, "and that it is important sometimes for people who are discriminated against to gather with one another if for no other reason than to reinforce the fact that they're worthwhile."Though it shouldn't be that way, for certain people it is."I think the key words are 'for certain people,' " she continues.Her book is divided into four chapters, each that serve a different purpose: The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking and The Healing. Rupi Kaur's debut book of poetry and prose, "Milk and Honey", is a collection of beautifully honest experiences modern women face.Her book is divided into four chapters, each that serve a different purpose: The Hurting, The Loving, The Breaking and The Healing. (Abigail Adcox)She is an animal lover (with lots of rescue dogs and cats), an avid fox hunt coordinator (with dozens of hounds) and a fascinating conversationalists.and the Student Homophile League, the first gay group on any campus in the United States; and she participated in the Stonewall Riots ("one of two women, I expect," she says).

In 1969, when the National Organization of Women (NOW) was still in its infancy and not open to the notion of lesbianism, Rita Mae Brown blurted out at one of the meetings, I'll say something good. I'm a lesbian." When I comment that that was a very courageous remark, she says, "Yeah, well, I'm a bad liar, so I might as well tell the truth."Ah, the truth.But, I'll tell you this, we always have fun."One thing she will almost certainly be referencing: Her new book "Tall Tail" (with her fline co-author Sneaky-Pie Brown) comes out today.It's an intricate historical mystery, set in Virginia, with a backstory set in 1784 that resurfaces to make waves today.Best bets: Lily Tomlin (left LAUGH IN for NASHVILLE then had a career slump and was on Murphy Brown in the late 1990s; certainly seems intelligent but she's not blonde or beautiful and I think she was already with Jane Wagner in the late 1970s) Estelle Parsons- she had a prominent role in Bonnie & Clyde then lots of nothing, and she was on a TV series in the late 1960s (Roseanne), but I don't know of any previous TV work. Polly Holliday- was in a character role in some major movies, left ALICE and was on TV in the late 1990s; she'is attractive and never married, but the timing is off. But just for the sake of playing the game (I like to be trashy too! in the late nineties: A few Brady reunions/ failed spin-offs throughout the 90s, lots of guest-star spots, Later Today ( (one season) -Married twice (to men!Of course, also always the chance that Brown may have lied about one or more of the clues as a red herring. ): Florence Henderson -Blonde, Heart-Shaped Face, Born 1934 -Long-running T. show prior to the mid-seventies: Brady Bunch 1969-74 -Left for prominent movie role: sorry, I got nothing for this one. ) four kids (presumably from heterosexual intercourse but Im not jumping to any conclusions).She has published more than a dozen novels since, in addition to almost three dozen mysteries with Sneaky Pie, and various other titles.

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