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So, I decided to make a list of all my favourite love songs and then put them together on one album.”Westlife had 14 chart topping singles and 44 million sales.Their career, Shane says, “fulfilled all of our dreams 1000 times over.” It’s been a remarkable journey for a singer songwriter who grew up inspired by an admiration of Backstreet Boys and Michael Jackson. For tickets and information visit or tickets are available directly from Buxton Opera House, tel.

Three short years, and already, everyone is asking former lead singer Filan, on the eve of his second solo album release, about a possible reunion. There's no talk about it, there's no rumours about it, there's no nothing about it - only people speculating.

The property company that he had established with his brother went into receivership, and Filan was €23m in debt.

In June 2012, he moved his family to the UK and filed for bankruptcy. Filan, for the sake of his wife Gillian and their three small children, decided to focus his sights on a successful solo career. "I think deep down, I always thought I'd love to continue to sing, but I just never really had to plan [for a solo career] in my head.

I'll be honest with you, I am fed up with them," says Filan (36), chuckling, "because I get asked all the time with every interview.

Right now, it's not happening and that's all I can tell you." Nonsense There. The only thing more surprising than Westlife announcing their split back in 2011, was the revelation that Filan had been harbouring a secret from both his band mates and their fans.

Is he a different person off-screen compared to his persona? He is quite a funny person though, he comes out with some of the mad things he says on the show.

I like that he's my biggest fan - he believes so much that I can be successful.Digital Spy sat down with Shane to talk about going solo, having Louis Walsh for a manager and whether he'll be involved in the next series of .Your new single is out next week; what's the reaction to the song been like? Obviously with Westlife we struggled to get on the radio, but this song seems to be getting on a lot of stations, which is promising.We'll admit that since Westlife announced their split in 2011, a Shane Filan solo career was something we saw coming a mile off.What we didn't expect, however, was the musical shift from the group's covers and ballads to the folk-flecked country pop of his new single and EP 'Everything To Me'.Our thing when we were dating before we got married was to go to the cinema, we loved it and went every week.

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