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While some non-military families may share some of these same attributes and experiences, military culture has a much higher incidence and concentration of these issues and experiences in military families as compared to civilian populations, and by tightly-knit military communities that perceive these experiences as normal.anniversary of Jermaine Dupri’s first birthday celebration and performance at the club back in 2005. Goings on.” Back in July Brat took Claudia Jordan’s place as one of the hosts of “The Rickey Smiley Morning Show.” Jordan was let go only days after being fired from Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Atlanta.” It is nice to see Da Brat back out in the public eye for once, being that she did serve three years in jail after she’d assaulted a hostess with a liquor bottle back in 2007.

And teens who've been overindulged as kids are more likely to use drugs, according to a study by Harvard psychologist Dan Kindlon, Ph.Brat is currently on house arrest for the next 3 to 6 months -- but tells us the first thing she plans on doing when she can leave her home is "making it rain at a club."Priorities.The Atlanta Falcons had some major celebrity support on the sidelines during the NFC championship -- Usher, Ludacris, Jeezy, Jermaine Dupri, Bow Wow, Da Brat and more ... READ MORE The juror who caused a mistrial in Da Brat's assault case by lying about his citizenship -- just got the legal equivalent of high school detention ... READ MORE Da Brat is already made a dent in paying off her massive .4 million debt ... The rapper performed Saturday night at a bar in Atlanta ... because a juror in her civil trial LIED about being a citizen and now the trial has been derailed and the fraudulent juror is in jail. READ MORE Rapper and Mariah Carey BFF Da Brat was arrested outside of Atlanta, after allegedly busting a waitress in the face with a bottle of rum at Jermaine Dupri's Studio 72 nightclub around AM…Additional influences include living in a series of military bases serving as community centers, the pervasive military culture on those bases, the absence of a parent due to deployments, the threat of parental loss in war, stresses associated with the psychological aftermath of war (living with war-affected returning veteran parents) and the militarization of the family unit (children being treated to some degree like soldiers and being subjected to military regimentation, inculcation into a warrior code of honor and service, frequent exposure to patriotic ideas and symbols, experience of free medical care, and military discipline).Military brats receive completely free medical care until their soldier-parent leaves the service (without a full combat related disability) or they reach the age of 21 or age 23 (depending on the parent's branch of service) if enrolled in college full-time. They just awarded the victim another .7 MILLION as added punishment for Da Brat's violent bottle assault. READ MORE Da Brat just got swept up in the immigration mess ...

Rapper Da Brat claims she once dated promiscuous reality TV star Kirk Frost back in the day before he met and married his long-suffering wife Rasheeda Frost.

"What we do to protect a toddler from danger often makes him cry, but the dangers aren't as immediate when our kids are older, so we tend to give in more," Dr. Here are five classic profiles of brattiness, along with expert advice about how to break the cycle.

Within the BDSM lifestyle, the term brat is usually applied to a person of a submissive nature who acts up or causes trouble in order to attract attention.

This is generally frowned upon as it is classed as topping from the bottom and trying to control the situation.

The military brat lifestyle typically involves moving to new states or countries many times while growing up, as the child's military family is customarily transferred to new non-combat assignments; consequently, many military brats never have a home town.

"I've worked hard to prevent my 5-year-old, Tanner, from being greedy," says Kim Ratcliff, of Los Gatos, California.

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