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Another survey of attitudes taking by a polling group (Henry J.

So, perhaps our Jacques Albert fils saxes were made by the Jacques Albert who died about 1960, a son of a certain Eugne Albert who might have been the same Eugne Albert who invented the Albert System for the clarinet. One final clue comes from the site of an auctioneer in England: mention "A Jacques Albert Fils of 287 Regent Street saxophone in case". Erica was a disgusting, instigating, annoying bitch and she is making my head hurt.#104 Jazmone "No Edges" Adams The Misbehavin' Model Dy1spx0geo1_250Jazmone, I am only going to say a few things about you because I don't want to throw up due to me thinking of those edges. My name is Bluemoon and today I present with you all my BGC ranking!This will be a pretty short ranking due to the fact that I will not be ranking the girls from the first 4 seasons (beside Natalie, Flo, Cookie, and Tanisha), I feel like it's not worth the time to talk about girls that no one remembers or necessarily cares about and talking about seasons that only have a few girls that are worth talking about. #106 Natasha Smoot The Spunky Spitfire Smoot, one of the most irrelevant Bad Girls to ever meet my screen.IIRC this issue and related aspects has been addressed before in either IMHO or GD so a search there may yield some information.

This is really more of an IMHO forum type question as I don't think there are concrete answers as to the "Why? White Man/Black Woman vs Black Man/White Woman - 32 replies Piecing together stats from various polling data and surveys, I have come up with figures that say of all interracial couples in the U. (5% of all relationships) that the most common mixture was Non-Hispanic White/Hispanic Origin (52%), 2nd was White/Asian (19%), White/Native American (12%), White/Black (9%), and all others (7%) And yes, that is 99%.

Would love to hear you impressions and a short ride report comparing it to some of the other members of your collection. The definitive history is that Merckx production was deeply riddled with exceptions, one-offs, weird things, and curiosities.

I've never owned a MX Leader and always wanted one so it would be great to hear about how it rides and have some perspective against another one of your frames as a reference point. The likely scenario is that some head tube lugs arrived chromed in error and they were used to build bicycles!

Firstly, you were cool at first, you were of the OG's that I liked. A replacement, a "goth girl" and a girl who dated another BGC girl.

However, you are classless, you are the definition of a jump a hoe.

Look at Destiny's Child - every one of the three of them have straightened their hair. Black women, as a group, have a much harder time achieving these standards than white women, as a group.

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