Why has dating changed

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, the advent of technology has streamlined the dating scene for millennials.

Through a private message exchanged on an online dating site.

We have the power to steer things back in the right direction if we start calling men out for these common and problematic behaviors: Ghosting.

When did we become OK with the fact that a guy can just ignore your very existence as a means of cutting things off? You aren’t on a game show being selected by a panel of judges. This is what you do with someone you’re totally exclusive with or have been together with for months.

Much has changed since the ‘60s and ‘70s—the days of free love and psychedelics, the Rolling Stones and the Stooges, the Vietnam War and the Women’s Liberation movement.

This sounds pretty liberal, but we truly work, play and live in a completely different environment, especially when it comes to relationships.

Most dating apps have made filtering your preferences pretty simple, from age to interests. " have probably already been answered, over-read and pressed for subtext — way before the two of you even meet for your first date.

Contact those who you find compelling, ignore those who don't, and block those who don't get the message and/or are being Presuming both of you give put minimal effort into filling out all the fields in your profile, standard conversation starters like, "What are your interests? Same goes for any public photo on your Facebook, Twitter or Instagram accounts.

Once the information has been collected, an algorithm is used to find the best matches based on the user’s answers. In the pre-online dating world, single women and men had to take their chances with potential mates and get to know them over a series of in-person dates.

Why would a cat lover feel the need to settle down with a man who prefers dogs when she could easily hop online and filter out potential partners based on this exact preference?

The kind of dances performed then required holding each other, which put those of us who were shy at a disadvantage.

Otherwise, a fellow and a girl would be “fixed up” on a blind date by a mutual friend.

I will focus on the way people date in the Western world and this is a generalized commentary.