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*Drum roll* Please imagine that the following words are being read out loud by David Attenborough, it feels appropriate.

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Bad news for the slightly narcissistic though, because only 5% said selfies get them feeling that social envy – apparently, the world wants to see mountains, not your fleeky brows. Kings College – view from the River Cam, Cambridge, England How many have you seen with your own eyeballs?

But forget Etonians in the Cabinet – a head count needs to be taken of the Old Marlburian girls privy to the pillow talk of the rich and powerful.

When you look through the alumnae of Marlborough College, the Wiltshire boarding school, a pattern soon becomes clear.

'I was nervous but when I actually did it I liked it a lot,' he said.

'I looked in the mirror and thought, "Beyonce is in the room."'I felt different, I looked better and no one judged me for it.

Two-time Academy Award winning actor Tom Hanks and the man dubbed 'the most powerful actor in Hollywood' was one of the directors on the series and was the man responsible for casting Mark in the series.

The actors were required to prepare for their soldierly roles by attending a Boot Camp for 10 days which entailed sleeping in barracks, going on late-night manoeuvres and being 'punished' with rounds of press-ups!

Causewayed enclosures – so-called because their ditches are “crossed” by multiple causeways – are among the most enigmatic of prehistoric monuments. Others exist on the continent, in Germany, Denmark and elsewhere.

Their precise original function remains a mystery, but the scant available evidence suggests that they were used for a mixture of ceremonial, religious, political and mortuary roles.

'I'm basically being paid to sit there and talk,' Mike said.

'If people want to pay me that much for cross-dressing and I can make this sort of money then I'm going to do it.'Mike described how he was 'reluctant' to try cross-dressing at first.

The entrepreneur charges punters up to £2.50 a minute to watch the online feed, which also sees him suggestively handle sex toys on camera.