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Indian Health Service (IHS), an agency within the Department of Health and Human Services, that provides healthcare to American Indians and Alaska Natives, requires mandatory seasonal influenza immunizations for civilian health personnel.All healthcare workers, as well as clerical and janitorial staff, must receive influenza vaccine or face dismissal.

A number of other countries – Bulgaria, Hungary, Japan, Lithuania, Austria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Norway and Slovakia – offer over a year’s worth of paid leave, as well.Exemption to immunization is only allowed for valid medical contraindications.After 2005 it is a condition of employment to have the influenza vaccine. Since 2002, mandatory immunization for influenza is included in the terms of employment, which a new employee signs.In fact, in six countries – Cyprus, Israel, Turkey, Ireland, Switzerland and New Zealand – maternity leave accounts for available paid leave related to the birth or care of a child. While paid leave is dominated by leave for mothers, leave earmarked specifically for fathers is now available in 31 of the 41 countries represented in the data.In most cases, the amount of paid leave specifically for fathers is relatively modest – about two weeks or less. In Japan, almost half of all of the available paid leave for new parents – 30 weeks – is earmarked for new fathers; and in Korea, men are allotted the equivalent of about 16 weeks of paid leave.Douglas Crockford famously declared browsers to be “the most hostile software engineering environment imaginable,” and that wasn’t hyperbole.

Ensuring that our websites work across a myriad of different devices, screen sizes and browsers our users depend on to access the web is a tall order, but it’s necessary.General information about licencing policies and re-use can be found at the reprint and permission website.Nature Research open access and hybrid journals All open access articles published in Nature Research Journals are published under Creative Commons licences.In fact, requiring the same experience for all users creates an artificial barrier to participation.Availability and accessibility of content should be our key priority.The total amount of leave available to new parents can be comprised of several types of leave: maternity leave, available to mothers around the time of a birth or adoption; paternity leave, available to fathers around the time of a birth or adoption; and parental leave, which is typically available after maternity or paternity leave.

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