Wpf selecteditem not updating

07-Sep-2019 09:21 by 10 Comments

Wpf selecteditem not updating

One of the most-requested items last month was a request that started in the forums and became a request on Code Plex.

I used to it to research the issue and understand how the internals work.The workflow: steps in – it’s a delegate that will return whether one object is a child of another object. That doesn’t happen very often, but today was one of those days.Perhaps to validate the ISelection Adapter interface that I designed for the control, or just to fill the evening, I geek’d out a little bit.I’ve enclosed the solution a little farther down the page.as the control’s new Items Source causes the control to display the revised data and…whoa…clears the currently selected item.

From the technical perspective, this clearing makes sense. The combo box will report one thing to the application and show different thing to the user. Evidently, the combo box usually does listen to view model updates, even in . NET 3.5 the combo box will correctly synchronize the visual state and and the actual visual state. In my opinion, this is worse than before, since by looking at the values the program can no longer detect that something is amiss.This blog post shows the workaround I came up with.Suppose you have a collection of Person View Model instances, where the class is defined as: Also suppose that you have these resources set up, and they are applied to the List Box that displays the list of Person View Model objects: The List Box is declared as: The UI also has another List Box that is not bound to a grouped collection view, and also, beneath the List Boxs, a Text Block that shows the selected Person View Model’s Bio property. Because it turns out that the initially selected item in a List Box bound to a grouped ICollection View has its Is Selected property set to true, as a local value.This post presents a quick story about some of the process we use on the Silverlight Toolkit, plus a downloadable project that shows how to customize and extend Auto Complete Box to only update the Selected Item when the user commits their suggestion choice (enter key or clicking an element) instead of when the up/down arrow keys are used to cycle through the suggestions.

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