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The system is expandable to 32scr ial ports, at a cost of less than S65 per port, in multiples of 8 port expansion options.The SBC fully populated, quality tested, with 4 serial ports prewired and board mounted is available for less that S2500.

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AS43 FORTRAN Order No, AJ28 PL/I Language Manual Order No. This guide presents an abbreviated description of the Multics commands and active functions described in detail in the Multics Programmers' Manual Commands and Active Functions (MPM Commands), Order No. The com- mands are presented in alphabetical order, with each descrip- tion showing the proper usage and a list of the control arguments and optional arguments that may be used.

File No.: 1L13 CONTENTS Page Introduction 1 Commands 3 Listed by Function , . 5 Individual Descriptions (Alphabetical) 8 Active Functions 59 Listed by Function 60 Individual Descriptions (Alphabetical) 61 Multics ASCII Character Set 73 INTRODUCTION This document is intended to serve as a quick reference and convenient memory aid for the user with some familiarity with Multics command conventions.

AL40 Multics Programmers' Manual- Reference Guide Order No. If the reader needs more information on termi- nology than is given here, he should refer to "Glossary of Multics Terms" in Section I of the Multics Programmer's Manual Reference Guide, Order No. ACL access control list; it describes who may access an entry in the Multics storage system and in what way (see modes below).

Control arguments are only listed; they are not defined in detail in this document.

path pathname of an entry; it can be relative or absolute. The commands listed below are grouped according to their function.

Person_id user's registered personal identifier; usually some form of the user's surname; unique at site. An abbreviated description for each com- mand is given in the following pages, arranged in alphabetical rather than function order.

WULTICS POCKET GUIDE COMMANDS AND ACTIVE FUNCTIONS SERIES 60 (LEVEL 66) SOFTWARE Honeywell MULTICS POCKET GUIDE COMMANDS AND ACTIVE FUNCTIONS SERIES 60 (LEVEL 68) SUBJECT: Abbreviated Version of Multics Commands and Active Functions SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS: This document is based on the contents of the Multics Programmers' Manual Commands and Active Functions, Order No. The following Multics user documentation should be consulted: Multics Users' Guide Order No. The following terms are defined here and are not explained at each occurrence in this document.

Multics Software Release 3.1 DATE: April 1976 PREFACE This pocket guide presents an abbreviated version of the commands and active functions described in detail in the Multics Programmers' Manual Commands and Active Func- tions, Order No. Users of this document should be familiar with some of the concepts and terminology of the Multics System. AK92 For detailed information on Multics programming lan- guages, refer to the following manuals: APL Users' Guide Order No. The reader is expected to be familiar with the Multics command environment conventions.

That said, considering the conversation in bug 723013, I would prefer this to go through the upstream process first.

We don't have to wait for a new upstream release to include this in Ubuntu, but it would make sense to at least wait for it to be discussed and accepted upstream, since there's nothing Ubuntu-specific about this hardware enablement addition.getpasswd so the package do not depends on libpcsclite1 (Closes: #612972) * New upstream release * Fix "New Neowave Weneo card version with new product Id" support is now included upstream (Closes: #570167) * New upstream release * debian/control: Build-Depends: libpcsclite-dev (post: removed.

modes access identifiers; used to define the kind of access a user has to a storage system entry.