Yaho stat tracker not updating

19-Jan-2020 03:44 by 2 Comments

Yaho stat tracker not updating

The "Download Data" link on the historical data page for AAPL is now: https://query1.finance.yahoo.com/v7/finance/download/AAPL?period1=1492379145&period2=1494971145&interval=1d&events=history&crumb=sgd BTt48gg. I also noticed this bug today, but how do we deal with the crumb parameter?

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get Splits() was updated to read the new CSV format and parse the new split format.Verizon was scooped into admitting that it’s going to rename the combined zombie corpses of AOL and Yahoo “Oath,” which is a terrible name that comes second only to Tronc. President Trump signed the bill that allows ISPs to share your browsing data without permission. Yahoo Mail can’t stop losing your passwords but it’s still massive.This is everything Verizon and AOL have been working toward over the past few years. Every single one of these companies is designed to better target advertising to you, the hapless AOL consumer. People still use Yahoo as a homepage and primary search engine. They play fantasy sports and dive into databases of stats. Yahoo delivers millions and millions of pages that cost almost nothing to produce, all waiting to be strip-mined of data and retargeted with advertising.What Verizon wants, more than anything, is a piece of Google’s ad business. VZ: We want to combine an ISP & ad network Devil: Name your oath2 years later: VZ: You took care of Congress. https://t.co/k Ua N2cd EHk— Ben Thompson (@benthompson) April 4, 2017 The ISPs were explicit about what they wanted during the Congressional debates on the privacy rules — they have tons of consumer data because they own the pipes, and they want to be able to use that data without permission. Verizon owns the networks that deliver the mobile data, along with lots of broadband internet to the home, plus the stores where many people buy their smartphones and the bloatware that runs on them.This isn’t a new or small plan — it’s been AOL CEO Tim Armstrong’s vision for years now. It wants to take the foundation and build itself up into an ISP, a content company, and an ad network, a corporate hydra that feeds on boardroom buzzwords like and generates names like Go90 and Oath.The tool keeps the competitors' ranking history for you to access it at any moment: watch Monitoring Competitors' Rankings help video...

Shows if your site moved up or down in search results Every time you check your rankings, Rank Tracker will conveniently show you the ranking difference, so you can easily see if your site has moved up, or if it has slipped down for whatever reason. Tracks rankings on auto-pilot if you choose You can set Rank Tracker just once, so that it will run rank checks completely automatically on the set dates and time.

(Armstrong was the head of Google ad sales for years before taking over AOL.) AOL has been buying marketing and ad tech startups nonstop since Armstrong took over in 2009; they all have names that would cause normal, non-influencer humans to die in an explosion of pure shame. Kint says Verizon’s plans are “very concerning.” “Although Facebook and Google are clearly an [advertising] duopoly based on industry trends, Verizon, without net neutrality (their intention next) or privacy rules, is a chokepoint to consumer choice,” he says.

“Verizon will be able to prioritize Oath's content.

You can view a snapshot of statistics for any of your sites directly on that individual site's Dashboard.

You can click to expand these stats to view Page Views and Unique Visitors from the past 30 days.

Just sit back and let Rank Tracker do the boring job for you: watch Rank Tracking help video...

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