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That’s because: Tumblr relies on bloggers to tag content as NSFW, and when users enable Safe Mode, it automatically filters out “adult themed” blogs.

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But most people who upload or post porn on Tumblr aren’t creators at all–they’re “curators” at best, and thieves at worst.By federal law, anyone who creates adult content must maintain a detailed database of records proving that everyone appearing in the project is above the age of 18 (a set of regulations commonly referred to as 2257 regulations).But the law doesn’t just apply to people who shoot adult content (also referred to as “primary producers”), it also applies to people who upload and distribute adult content (known as “secondary producers”), who are expected to maintain their own records–or, at the very least, maintain a list with the location of the records that apply to the content they’re showcasing.It’s a big probem for Tumblr, and now Yahoo, since most brands will shy away from advertising unless something is done about porn blogs.And parents, I’d venture, should be concerned about their kids hanging out on Tumblr blogs that publish some truly shocking stuff. ’s challenges not only lay with the number of Tumblr blogs that contain sexually explicit content material, or what it calls “NSFW” (not safe for work). Have saw the same symptoms of sex addiction and begin.

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Not maintaining these records is considered a federal offense–Tumblr porn rebloggers often use stolen or unsourced material.

And they generally do not include legally compliant 2257 statements in the sidebars of their Tumblrs; more to the point, they are pretty much incapable of doing so, as it’s generally hard to source a legal name and ID for an actress you don’t even know the name of.

For one, it may or may not be faster than the DNS servers you now use.

And even if it is faster, the speed boost may not be noticeable (it wasn't to me).

One contains 7.2 million unique domains and a second holds millions of URLs across Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter and other sites fueled by user-generated content.

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