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The Martins claimed all of the pranks were staged and that they often let their children come up with the ideas the videos were based on.

His most recent group consists of H2O Delirious, Cartoonz and Gorillaphent, and many four player sessions usually include them.

Last month, many members of the online community who viewed the videos claimed the children featured were being abused and that child protective services should step in.

YOUTUBE PRANKS GET PARENTS ACCUSED OF CHILD ABUSE BY VIEWERS An online petition was also created in an attempt to get Child Protective Services to step in.

And so far, the You Tube community at large is not satisfied with You Tube’s responses to their concerns.

Tyler Oakley, who has more than 8 million subscribers, noticed last weekend that a recent video of his on “8 Black LGBTQ Trailblazers Who Inspire Me” was unavailable with the filter turned on.

Family issues caused by his parents spliting up and both getting with people who didn't want to deal with kids caused him to move out while he was a teenager in Chicago, which put him on the street.

Though he continued to attend high school, the stress of his home life eventually lead to him dropping out and he has never desired to pursue a diploma or GED, despite getting into college with a high school equivalency exam; he graduated in 2013 with high honors and a degree in Business and Administration.

known on You Tube as Ohmwrecker and Masked Gamer, is a gaming You Tuber who usually uploads online multiplayer games with other You Tubers and let's play videos, mainly for the PC.

He is commonly known by his subscribers as humble and modest, and frequently organizes his playlists.

Cory Williams (born August 5, 1981), also known as "Mr.

Safety" from SMP Films, is an actor and You Tube personality who, up until early 2013, lived in Thousand Oaks, California.

Williams resided in Eagle River, Alaska However, their relationship ended in January 2011, after over six years of being together and over a year of marriage.

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    So what are some of the traits that worked so well in the early years for these children but went on to cause problems in adulthood?

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